anu meaning in english

[Tel.] v. a. To press on, put on. anacu, dharincu. To drink. tentlu madyamulanunu the bess drink honey. palindlan visamani putting poison on her nipples. cetulacevulani putting his hands to his ears. anika anintsu. v. a. To cause to rest on. anika anika. n. A support, strength. anukarra anu-karra. n. A prop. utakolaanukonu anu-konu. v. a. To lean against or on. To border on, be contiguous to. adivini anukonna cenulu lands bordering on the forest. odanu anukonna padavalu the boats that were alongside the ship. anudu billa anudu-billa. n. A cushion to lean on, a semicircular cushion or pillow. orugudindu.